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"Here is a book that feels genuinely authentic about what students face, brought to life with frank anecdotes from the authors and quotes from the students at colleges across the country. Wonderfully smart, funny, highly readable, and relatable."

Martha Johns / Professor / Researcher / Author

"FINALLY, a strong compendium of all the

essential health information

in one place"


How to eat (both what and how much), how to treat yourself for being awesome, and tips for cooking on a budget with limited resources.


Gives an understanding of what alcohol does to your body, how to safely find your limits, and most importantly, how to make a plan when you do drink to avoid disaster.


Outlines the importance, both physically and mentally, of regular exercise. Provides a wide variety of options for making it fun and interesting, and most importantly, explains how to start again when you’ve given up on working out.


Provides a breakdown of the different types of stress, how to recognize what’s happening in your body, and what to do when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed.


Explains the scientific need for sleep, provides clear guidelines for what constitutes an adequate amount, and presents strategies for getting enough sleep by focusing on cycles per night as well as per week.

Sleep deprivation changes FINAL.jpg

"The charts and infographics dispersed through each chapter

break down the information into approachable pieces"



Georgetown University

Taking care of friend.jpg
Curriculum Guides


“Through relatable stories sprinkled with expert advice, this book uses humor and candor to openly share with college-bound kids the importance of

self-awareness, self-respect, and strength of character, illustrating how that all affects the way they choose to 'show up' in this world.”

Judge Cristina Perez

3-Time Emmy Winner, Author, Parent 



"The student experience related to cognitive, social, and identity development (though not explicitly described as such) are what makes this book a must-read for parents, guardians, and professionals in higher education who want to better understand and support their students.”

Crystal Cyr

Student Affairs Professional

"This book is incredibly well-written and funny.

the authors are vulnerable, relatable,

and self-deprecating,

and their personal stories woven throughout bring to life every topic they write about."


Helaine Knapp

CEO & Founder, CityRow

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