CHAPter 2:


How to eat (both what and how much), how to treat yourself for being awesome, and tips for cooking on a budget with limited resources.


Gives an understanding of what alcohol does to your body, how to safely find your limits, and most importantly, how to make a plan when you do drink to avoid disaster.


Outlines the importance, both physically and mentally, of regular exercise. Provides a wide variety of options for making it fun and interesting, and most importantly, explains how to start again when you’ve given up on working out.


Provides a breakdown of the different types of stress, how to recognize what’s happening in your body, and what to do when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed.


Explains the scientific need for sleep, provides clear guidelines for what constitutes an adequate amount, and presents strategies for getting enough sleep by focusing on cycles per night as well as per week.


Sleep deprivation changes FINAL.jpg

The bad news? With everything you’ll face on campus that can break down your physical and mental health, the odds are stacked against you. Your food options will probably suck, there’s no one to tell you to go to sleep or get some exercise, and you'll be faced with enormous social pressures while trying to balance assignments and manage stress. This isn’t meant to freak you out. We’re not trying to scare you into making good decisions for the rest of your life. It’s about telling the truth. Because you’re old enough to hear it. If we told you that everything was going to be alright and that you’d always feel good about yourself and your circumstances, that wouldn’t be true. And more importantly, it wouldn’t be helpful.

The good news? You absolutely can do this. We’re giving you the equipment to take care of yourself; the ability to assess what’s going on in your life and the tools to troubleshoot and find solutions. And it’s completely up to you. You have a choice! You don’t need to do any or all of these things. You can only make changes when it’s important enough to you. And you might not be there now. You might not be there by your senior year. You might never get there. But we want to make sure that, when you’re ready, you know where to begin.

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