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Text Timeout

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A simple name for a simple program. Each week, we'll send a free, guided self-reflection questionnaire to your phone, which will cover a range of topics pertaining to physical, mental, and emotional wellness.


The prompts are designed to encourage self-awareness, mindfulness, and positive thinking. Research has shown that individuals who engage in this type of regular self-reflection are more likely to adopt healthy behaviors, experience lower levels of stress, and have better overall health outcomes.


Our goal with this program is to simplify the process of self-reflection and encourage its inclusion in your weekly routine. 


Texts are sent on Sunday afternoon/evening (at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST), giving you an opportunity to put a bow on the week that just ended and gear up for the one that lies ahead.



To get the most out of your reflection, you'll want to set aside 5-10 minutes of quiet alone time (this is the "timeout" piece) - don't open the text until you're ready to begin. Put in headphones, listen to some music, and use the prompts to help you thoughtfully, honestly, and kindly evaluate how you've been feeling. 

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Your completed reflection will be sent to your inbox automatically. Consider creating a folder of your responses so that you have a record of your progress over time - similar to a paper journal.


If you don't feel like typing your responses each week that's OK too - simply looking through the questions and considering how you're doing will still have an impact. 

This isn't a quiz or a graded assessment, so you won't get any formal feedback after you submit. However, the process of taking time to evaluate how you're doing will allow you to draw your own conclusions about how things are going, helping you to become more aware of your pain points so that you can make changes or seek help if needed.


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Please be advised that we don't monitor our text inbox. Our text service is designed to provide you with a framework and a reminder to check in on your wellbeing. However, it is not intended as a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice. If you have any concerns about your health or well-being, or become more aware of concerns after completing the self-reflection, please seek the advice of a qualified medical or mental health professional. In an emergency, please call 988 or use the crisis text line, 741-741. See our terms of use.

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