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We're Jill and Dave Henry. We met while coaching sports at the same high school. Imagine one of those “awkward teenager” rom-coms and then apply it to adults in PE clothes. Dave asked Jill out in front of her entire cross country team, which resulted in Jill receiving an hour of dating advice from 16-year-old girls. Good thing she listened to some of it, or she might have challenged Dave to that push-up contest while speaking in her man voice after all. 

We're parents to two awesome kids with very Scottish names (Cormac & Campbell) and one loveable but poorly trained pup, Russ. We live in Los Angeles. 


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We've been writing together for fun since our honeymoon. What started as a blog to let our families know we were still alive quickly turned into a delightful daily routine that absorbed us for hours every morning on that trip and several others that followed. We never thought we'd write about more than our misadventures. And, to be honest, that theme is fittingly continued in our book.


The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed was inspired by our work with high school athletes, particularly the seniors, who confessed that they were worried about the transition to campus life. We combined our unique backgrounds (Jill is a veteran educator and curriculum designer; Dave is a documentary film and TV editor, writer, and producer) to create an engaging and digestible resource comprised of the most essential health information...

without an ounce of preaching or judgment.

Our hope was that by sharing honest tales of our struggles along with advice from hundreds of students across the county, we could bring attention to the fact that college is hard for everyone. That it's normal to struggle. And that's it's still possible to have fun and take care of yourself. 

The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed combines humor, heart, helpful graphics and hundreds of research-backed tips to help students manage their health once they're on their own for the first time.

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