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Our interactive workshop, "Designing Better Days" helps students create a personalized action plan rooted in wellness best practices for a balanced, safe, and productive life on campus.

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Our workshop efficiently highlights best practices in the areas of sleep, productivity, stress-management, self-care, food, exercise, and alcohol.*





Through the use of Mentimeter, an interactive and mobile-friendly presentation software, we effortlessly facilitate meaningful and honest conversation.





The incorporation of multiple choice questions throughout the presentation helps reinforce important concepts and reliably spikes engagement.





Building an optimized daily schedule (stored in the Notes app) is the spine of our workshops. Planning around their classes, students block out time for routines that support holistic wellness and reduce the likelihood of crisis.

The workshop provided by Jill and Dave Henry was excellent.

They provided concrete and easy-to-follow tips and tools for our jkl alumni to instill in their everyday lives around productivity, sleep, exercise, nutrition and self-care. Not only did the workshop have a nice balance of advice and interactive questionnaires, but Jill and Dave both provide such a warm and welcoming demeanor throughout!  I think all of our alums walked away feeling much better prepared to deal with challenges they face and more importantly, have  clear, doable next steps!

JENNY RIZZO, Program Director, just keep livin' Foundation

College Friends
I truly wish I had attended this event when I was in college. The level of interaction was unlike anything I have seen before, and the Campus Captains were truly engaged the entire workshop. The questions Jill and Dave asked were unique to our target audience and I know our advocates took away many useful tips. Because of this workshop, the student-athletes will be more prepared to handle obstacles that come their way while taking care of their own wellness. 

Andy Saul, Advocacy Director

The Hidden Opponent

"The Greatest College Health Guide" was the book I needed and never had when I was in college. As someone who now works with hundreds of high school and college student-athletes, I knew this was information they had to hear.
Jill and Dave's workshop highlights key research and takeaways from their book while most importantly providing tangible tips for students to implement into their daily schedules to promote overall wellness. Highly recommend.

Clare Kehoe, Co-Founder & Director of Education 

Morgan's Message

College Students


​In our signature 75-minute wellness workshop, students will:

  • Learn how sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress-management, and self-care can impact physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Engage in reflection that will allow them to assess their current behaviors and set goals for the coming term.

  • Create a daily schedule made up of research-backed habits and routines that increase self-awareness, self-care and well-being.

  • Demonstrate an increased understanding of the healthy behaviors and practices that contribute to a safe community.

In our extended 90-minute program, students will: 

  • Learn information about alcohol, explore a BAC simulator, and utilize a drink limit finder in order to make responsible, educated, and safe decisions.

Our workshops are perfect for the general student body, or to train student leaders. 

We work with: 

  • Wellness Departments

  • Residence Life Offices

  • Orientation Staff

  • Student Organizations

  • Peer Wellness Coaches

  • Sports Teams

  • Greek Life

  • High School Seniors

  • College Counselors

  • Student Support Nonprofits

  • and more

Wellness education is essential and should not be cost prohibitive. We offer sliding scale pricing to accommodate groups with any budget. 

For an exact quote, please complete the form or email us at

We look forward to working with you!



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