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March 2023

Image by Roman Synkevych 🇺🇦

BuzzChecked is an innovative and interactive tool designed to support alcohol education and help students make safe, informed, and responsible decisions. The website is discrete, enhanced for mobile use, and easy to navigate, making it an appealing choice for student exploration. Features include: 

  • LIMIT FINDER: An essential tool for anyone who wants to make informed decisions about alcohol consumption. With just a few clicks, users receive personalized recommendations for safe drinking based on their individual characteristics. It also provides helpful tips and reminders about the dangers of excessive consumption. 

  • BAC SIMULATOR: Takes several factors into account, including the user's weight, hormonal gender, number of standard drinks consumed, and the duration of time spent drinking. In addition to producing a BAC estimate based on those variables, the simulator also describes the anticipated physical and cognitive impairments felt at that level of intoxication, giving users a chance to better understand the impact of alcohol on their body.

  • ALCOHOL EDUCATION HUB: Includes explanations about BAC, standard serving sizes, and levels of intoxication. The Hub also provides a comprehensive list of refusal skills and safe partying practices to help individuals have a good time without putting themselves or others in danger.

BuzzChecked is a tool designed to support alcohol education, created in cooperation with
"The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed"
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