We're Jill and Dave Henry. We met while coaching sports at the same high school. Imagine one of those “awkward teenager” rom-coms and then apply it to adults in PE clothes. Dave asked Jill out in front of her entire cross country team, which resulted in Jill receiving an hour of dating advice from 16-year-old girls. Good thing she listened to some of it, or she might have challenged Dave to that push-up contest while speaking in her man voice after all. Fast-forward eight years, and we've got two kids with very Scottish names and one very poorly behaved dog. We live in Los Angeles. 


Learn more about us on our Amazon author pages (Jill & Dave). While you're at it, check out our book. To read about our failures, adventures, and encounters with animals, jump over to our blogAnd to say hi or shit talk us, send an email.




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